The future of
real estate finance.

Findango is an end-to-end digital platform that quickly and easily connects Lenders to Borrowers and their property deals.

For Borrowers

Create an Opportunity

Use our specially designed templates to present your deal as a lending opportunity, in a helpful format for Lenders.

Publish Opportunities

Post your deals on the platform and make them visible to Lenders on Findango. Set up notifications and be alerted when a Lender makes an indicative lending offer.

Lender Engagement

Use dashboards and data analytics to see how Lenders are engaging with the lending opportunity you have published.


Respond to queries from Lenders, ask your own questions and get closer to finding the right Lender for your deal.

Compare Offers

Compare indicative lending offers side-by-side and select the best one for your deal.


See what tasks the Lender has set as part of the deal execution progress and get real-time visibility on progress.

For Lenders

Find Opportunities

Find lending opportunities that meet your criteria by using over 100 search filters. Searches can be saved to speed up the process.


Receive notifications as soon as a lending opportunity is published which matches any of your saved searches.


Manage your pipeline effectively by shortlisting lending opportunities that are of interest.


Direct access provided to Borrowers. Use the platform to ask questions, correspond or to make an indicative lending offer.


Provide the Borrower with visibility on the deal execution process, by setting and assigning tasks.

Market Data

Gain insight on the debt being sought by Borrowers on Findango, by looking at a variety of statistics and data.

For Brokers

Findango will be accessible to Brokers soon. Please watch this space! 

How much does it cost?


0.25% commission on any lending opportunities successfully introduced and drawn.


Free to use. Please contact us to discuss getting onboarded onto the platform.


To be confirmed. Please watch this space!

Secure cloud platform


Findango is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform in London with backups into  other EU data centres.


Access to the backend system is secured via SSL technology and requires an encrypted key.


Data is encrypted in flight (during transport) and at rest (in the database and all other areas of storage).


The system makes use of Azure’s serverless technology and scales on demand to any number of users.