Developed by experienced lenders and entrepreneurs -
for lenders and property entrepreneurs

Findango was founded by people with a deep knowledge of property lending and a track record of running property deals.

Our purpose

Findango was created with two key objectives in mind. Firstly, to add value to borrowers and lenders in the real estate finance market. Secondly, to make it easier for borrowers and lenders to match up with each other.

As borrowers, we know how frustrating it can be finding the right lending solution for your project. Not only is the lending market fragmented, but risk appetites can shift quickly in response to changes in market conditions. As such, it has become increasingly important to have access to a wide and transparent network of lenders.

As lenders, we’re also very cognisant about the amount of time that is spent trying to find the right lending opportunity, particularly when so many that come your way don’t quite meet your criteria. This can have a significant impact on productivity.  

At Findango, we believe we have the solution.

From the borrower’s perspective, by posting a deal once, they can have access to a panel of lenders, which increases their chances of finding the right partner. It also creates a competitive environment which ensures best offers are put forward first time round.

From the lender’s perspective, by having access to a live database of lending opportunities, the “right” deals can be proactively found using the platform’s search filters. Furthermore, due to Findango’s specially designed templates, sufficient due diligence can be carried out at an early stage before significant time is invested. 

Ultimately, our desire is to make it easier for borrowers and lenders to find the right partner – and to help them use their time more effectively too.

Kyri Hadjisoteris

Experienced real estate lender who has been at RBS Plc, Investec Bank Plc and ASK Partners for 15 years.

Established RE Capital's UK office which he ran for nearly three years and grew the GDV to over £300m.

Tarquin Vaughan-Scott

Experienced software engineer leading teams and architecting enterprise systems for 12 years.

Co-founded Infovest in 2007, a data warehousing and reporting company sold to Statpro LLC UK in 2017.

Richard Dewing

Entrepreneur, Investor and Co-Founder of various technology businesses with a global market appeal. Successfully launched and lead technology and related businesses for 20 years.

Board Member, Venture Partner and Member of Investment Committee of KNF Ventures.

Newman Leech

CEO of RE Capital, a pan European real estate investment and development company with AUM of c€750m across 16 projects.

Operates in the UK, Portugal, Germany and Switzerland. Chairman of the RE Capital Investment Committee.